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Loan Amount
$1,000 - $15,000 

Crowdfund your dream, change your life.

Kiva is an international nonprofit that connects online lenders to entrepreneurs through an online lending platform. Crowdfund loans unlock capital for underserved communities and those experiencing underlying barriers to capital access.​

REDC is the Kiva Hub for New Hampshire. We assist you with the Kiva process and also provide free business advising and technical assistance that is crucial for strengthening small businesses.

Loan Amount
$1,000 - $15,000 

Zero Interest
Zero Fees
Terms up to 36 months

Connect with individual lenders looking to make a positive impact by supporting small businesses

The Process

Step 1 (Usually less than 14 days)

Start a loan application. Good applications have:

  • A clear business story

  • A great photo

  • A strong online presence

Step 2 (1-15 Days)

Private fundraising period

  • Utilize your social network and gather 10 - 40 friends to each lend as little as $25

  • Prove your own community trusts you, before borrowing from the Kiva community

Step 3 (1-30 Days)

Public fundraising period

  • Your application is live on Kiva’s platform

  • Visible to 1.7 million lenders from the global Kiva community

Step 4 - Repayment

  • Funds disbursed within 5 days of fully funding

  • 1st repayment due 30 days after disbursal

  • Regular monthly repayments thereafter

A Kiva U.S. borrower must

  • Use the loan for a legal business

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Not currently be in bankruptcy or foreclosure

What loan size do I qualify for?

Kiva U.S. looks at a variety of factors, including but not limited to the following: personal and business finances, online presence, character references, photo quality, and the quality of your loan description.

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